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Why 4090?

4090 is the highest point of mount Aragats. 

Who can become a beneficiary of the foundation?

All participants of 2016 and 2020 armed conflicts, who currently reside in RA and Artsakh, want to study, specialize, get familiar with crafts and are eligible.

How to become a beneficiary? 

Before participating in 4090 projects we strongly recommend getting familiar with requirements and criteria of the foundation. In case of eligibility, the application form should be filled. After selection, the applicant will be contacted through e-mail and invited to an interview. 

How to support projects of the foundation?

Participation and support of each person is highly valued. It is possible to take part in activities of the foundation as:

  • mentor 

  • donor

  • ambassador 

  • through donation on the website or transaction to foundation’s bank account

How to follow activities of the foundation?

Follow official pages of the foundation on Facebook and Linkedin or subscribe to foundation’s newsletter.

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